Motherland Facelift

So after starring in this little article, I’ve been thinking about creating a relatively unique, but not straight-up cosplay character to be able to do more gigs like that and avoid any copyright infringements. Wouldn’t want to imply a certain company endorsements of some others through the use of their licenses characters nor walk around in public in blatant cosplay, since that does piss off the hardcore community as well as normal people to some degree. So, what do?

My supposed original character was just my natural side- a Russian. Being caught off guard after my casual trip to Hitachinaka, I didn’t quite nail that classic look down on the first try…

But I did speak in Russian for the video portions to make myself authentic despite my awkward getup. Having some Vodka with me, helped salvage the situation a bit as well-

After taking a trip back home and keeping this in the back of my mind, I got some proper supplies. And finally, as of past Friday, the new and proper look is more or less complete- with a very personal touch to it as well.


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