Vaping – Russain 91% RBA Clone SS Mesh Build

Guess this got popular enough of a topic and seems that my ECF thread got archives, so I cannot edit it anymore to add summaries of little details, so I’ll go ahead and just post everything here:


BIG, BIG note – I have a clone R91% (said to be a “2014 model” whatever that means, off of eBay), thus I have no idea what similar clones on the market or original units (Kayfuns, other Russians) share this one’s main deck, but as you can see above, mine has VERY roomy juice channels. They’re about 2mm deep on the bottom and about 1-1.5mm deep inside the chimney. I’ve seen some picture where the channels are shallow, but that should NOT prevent you from pulling this build off.

I highly recommend a VV/VW battery with built-in ohm check feature to make everything much, much faster.

And so, you simply measure out enough mesh to,

– be long enough to go from bottom of the chimney/chimney’s channels all the way over and across the coil area and into the other channel.

– be thick enough to fill your channel tightly, unless your channel is very shallow, in which case you can just run it towards it and not inside.

Prepare it however you like, roll, test fit. If all of that goes well, find a drill bit the closest size to your rolled mesh and wrap a coil of your choice around it. I did 30 gauge nichrome to 1.4 ohms.

Set the coil, lift it above the air hole, etc. Pull the mesh through the coil, try to have it fit snug but not too tight nor too loose.

Pinch and bend enough of the SS mesh roll to reach desired area around one juice channel, then do the same on the other side. Trim excess with scissors.

Screw the chimney bit on and start testing ohms and doing quick test firing (preferable on the lowest wattage possible) to find the hot spots. Adjust the coil around using anything fine and pointy until you work all the hot spots out and it glows evenly EVERY time you fire it. Don’t be afraid to shift the mesh a bit to help kink out the hot spots.

Put enough juice to saturate the wick and wet fire it to see how much the ohms drop when its wet. You’re looking for .1-.2 drop tops. (Note that this build does not like to be part-dry, so that could be the sole source of any discrepancies, but it never hurts to make sure.) If its more, carefully burn it until its dry and test for dry hot spots again.

If all is well and consistent, build everything back up and do a few final dry burns to make sure it still works when assembled. Looking into the chimney will let you see if the coil heats up fine + checking the ohms.

Fill, set your wattage, and enjoy. I like mine best at 6-8 with PG and 7-9 on VG.

Final note – check your ohms periodically to make sure it’s all running as it should. If it suddenly start to drop .3 or more ohms, I would suggest draining, and checking the coil even if it still tastes about the same. No reason to let a good coil pop from a hot spot when you run low and don’t notice it.

Discuss here:


Motherland Facelift

So after starring in this little article, I’ve been thinking about creating a relatively unique, but not straight-up cosplay character to be able to do more gigs like that and avoid any copyright infringements. Wouldn’t want to imply a certain company endorsements of some others through the use of their licenses characters nor walk around in public in blatant cosplay, since that does piss off the hardcore community as well as normal people to some degree. So, what do?

My supposed original character was just my natural side- a Russian. Being caught off guard after my casual trip to Hitachinaka, I didn’t quite nail that classic look down on the first try…

But I did speak in Russian for the video portions to make myself authentic despite my awkward getup. Having some Vodka with me, helped salvage the situation a bit as well-

After taking a trip back home and keeping this in the back of my mind, I got some proper supplies. And finally, as of past Friday, the new and proper look is more or less complete- with a very personal touch to it as well.

Santa Cruz Jessee AK-47 Deck

Part of my next big project as well as some real and awkward street steez. Should’ve bought one of these earlier, but better late than completely out of stock. Setup is, in proper style as well: 7/8 bolts all around, no brand Churchill PK trucks, Penny wheels in my personal fave colors, Rollerblade SG9 abec-9 bearings borrowed from my X9 freestyle frames, and scrapes of clear grip until I get my hands on more.
JesseeAK47 (1)

And the finished product-
JesseeAK47 (2)

JesseeAK47 (3)

JesseeAK47 (4)

JesseeAK47 (5)

Warning sticker is perhaps the best part about this thing. The other is how awkward it is to try and turn left and how especially awkward it is thanks to my ultra-compact stance.

Kissel Hi

MY version of Russian-Japanese drink fusion- classic dessert drink, kissel (berry concentrate that’s boiled until its semi-thick in texture and darker red in color; tastes semi-sweet), and whiskey per the standard hi ball recipe. Results: quite nice, though I haven’t tried it cold yet, since kissel is usually drank warm.




From Russia With Love, For Beverages

Our good old friends came to visit once again, and once again brought some long-awaited rarities to add to my collection.

So, from left to right:

3 bottles arranged by age of Zveroboy Vodka (st john’s wort)- taste herbaly and go down very, very smooth unlike any other kind of Vodka in my opinion.

Next up is something new that I had no idea about whatsoever- cranberry cognac. Yet to open and try this one, and it will be a good while because that’s my new wild card.

After that, the newer and then the older bottles of rowan berry cognac. Very sweet with a tiny bitter taste, just like the berries themselves.

Lastly, pepper vodka. Name speaks for itself for the most part, but it still goes down very smooth and extra crisp.

I also hear that they make blackcurrant cognac as well, and that immensely peaks my interests right now.