Day 6 – Ma Hood

Just that, with lots of views and everything!

In particular, my house

My school nearby my old school

Our local clinic

And I’ll write a note here about the gravel walkways, new benches and stairs in our forest-across-the-road- all of that stuff is new, wasn’t there in September when I was in the country last time. Kinda nice to see that some of the stolen money return to the community.

And last note is that Subway made it to Moscow, and is currently the most popular fast food place there.

P.S. Cheburashka


The Russian Metro

As I mentioned earlier, our Metro is quite something if you compare it to many other all across the world. Every underground station was built completely unique and the closer you get to the center, the prettier they all get.

Lastly, the never-changing exit posts, heheh

Fares have always been flat, so you can ride around all day for all they care. (lost some of the coins, but if I find them I’ll definitely post a pic) From what I can remember and own, they went from special metal coins, to clear green plastic ones, to magnetic strip cards, and nowadays IC and paper cards with codes that the new machines read and let you go through. Paper cards can hold several rides-worth of fares, naturally. Cost? I believe around $2-3 now, but used to be much, much cheaper. Lastly, our metro system is sadly non-24-hour kind, but you’d think it would be given how dense Moscow is.

The card is the current one. Dark green plastic token was 60 year anniversary limited and light green token was used prior to and after the anniversary.

Now for another interesting point- all the kiosks that are underground, before the entrance to each station. These are more common towards the outskirts rather than the center, but once again as I mentioned before, you can buy almost freaking anything in these- from food to clothing and other random things.

Day 5 – The City Center

Took a stroll through some of the remaining points of interest, as they are slowly starting to decrease. Here, Bolshoy Theater, Maliy Theater, The Red Square, Guum, Kuranti, Vasiliy Blazhenniy Cathedral, and others.

Lots of older building, were completely rebuilt at this point, so the past is slowly being erased by our shitty government and all the thieves. Lots of new, useless construction work. Way too many cars EVERYWHERE. Some places never chance in this country, but a good deal of the older historic areas are being completely erased…

Our Grocery Stores

Generally have all the usual basics, but liquor section is about a third of the whole place 😀

Only deception here is that the supermarket I’m talking about is behind these mini-ones, but the big sign is it’s own.

Bakery is pretty good and actually fresh. In fact, about freshness-

Last note are all the instant foods- mostly our Russian brands and they’re not that great…

Now, the other kinds are essentially roofed markets with fresh produce and some usual goods:

Day 4

Yet another visit, to a different, fancy clinic for a checkup. I’ll start noting the beautiful metro stations we have, and every one is completely different from all the others. The closer to the center you get, the fancier the stations.

Homebase Kon’kovo station.

And a clear difference of how central stations are

Sadly, Moscow really has more bloody cars than people and to make things worse, more and more greenery is getting abandoned in favor of parking or new expensive apartment buildings for all of the government thieves to invest their money in, because everyone else simply cannot afford that shit.

Also, what it means to be in a private clinic, fueled with substantial money. Anyone seen this kinda decor in a clinic ANYWHERE else in the world?

And let me add that there’s a girl playing an harp in the front lobby. In a clinic.
Just completely ridiculous and redundant, but that’s raw power of money for you.

Day 3 – Point of Visit

Frankly why I even flew in this time- my grandfather passed away on June 6 and my plan to visit him for his birthday this year didn’t pan out… So this Sunday, July 15th, we went to visit his grave on 40th days after he passed away, since according to Russian Christian traditions that’s the day when the soul finally passes on to the afterlife.

Afterwards, a little family get together and dinner at our apartment in Kon’kovo.

Day 1

Didn’t really do much, just flew in, went home, then caught up with friends over Ice Age 4.