Katsucon 2013

Opening this year with quite the bump in picture quality, over quantity.

Full gallery right here.


Tigercon 2012

Got here pretty late, so there wasn’t much of anyone left for the most part, but you can’t beat a free con, right?

June 7Eleven Gintama Campaign – Sougo and Hijikata

Never got around to taking and posting pics of these 2, courtesy of Mi-chan. And one shot next to last February campaign Gin, courtesy of Nao-kun.

Quick recap on how this all works- during the time of prize campaign, you buy a blind ticket from participating stores via 500 yen. You then open the ticket and see what tier of prizes you can choose something from (A=1st/best,B,C, and so on down the alphabet). Gin, as always, was the A from feb. Sougo and Toshi were B and C from June.

Anime USA 2012

WHAT a con, in a way. In a way same old, same old despite being in a new, baller hotel. Here’s the general cosplay coverage, that I don’t have nearly as much of for this con.

Guilty Gear – Order Sol – Stone Sword Build (ギルティギア)

I think the only thing that still gets about this thing is its name. It never really got one, its not even a sword, its just a cracked piece of rock (due to Sol’s flames?).

Anyways, this was a brand new build for me altogether since getting a rocky look isn’t easy with my shiny plastics, but open cell foam (EVA) did the trick perfectly well. Everything else was, as usual, on-the-spot thinking and last minute build. All in all, took a day if that. Built to hurt and last very very long, as with everything that emerges from my hands.

I also repaired Fuuraiken alongside this build since it suffered plenty of damage during Nekocon this year.

Nekocon 2012

Quite last minute and mostly to visit good old friends, but here it is:

Lots of good times, big pimpin, bro’ing down and fixing continuously breaking swords.

Rave – Elie – Tonfa Guns (レイヴ)

Quick and painless build for my Elie, for our few pics and as a belated birthday present. Took a lazy 2-3 hours to make and paint. Handles, as per my style, are removable if absolutely necessary and so are the lights.