Some of this will be repetitive since I generally blog about my own hobbies and adventures, but here’s a little background info on yours truly:

I am and lived about half my life in Moscow, Russia, so my heart belongs in bustling urban jungles. I grew to enjoy way too many things for my own good, but in turn that made me a jack of all trades and I do enjoy being able to cover a wide range of topics and skills with honest enjoyment of all of them.

I’m still developing various depth of my world and try new things as they come along. I’m generally friendly and am willing to put as much energy and effort as I receive, so if you want to drop a line don’t be strangers.

I do want to say this- I’m trying to keep this thing overall mellow, so while I will be posting some fairly geeky things as well, I will simplify them to make such topics easier to understand for the folks outside of those areas of expertise.

I’ll update this guy as I think of something new to add, but that’s all for now. As they say, a picture is worth a hundred words, and I have plenty of those posted already, so have a look for yourselves ^ ^


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