Santa Cruz Jessee AK-47 Deck

Part of my next big project as well as some real and awkward street steez. Should’ve bought one of these earlier, but better late than completely out of stock. Setup is, in proper style as well: 7/8 bolts all around, no brand Churchill PK trucks, Penny wheels in my personal fave colors, Rollerblade SG9 abec-9 bearings borrowed from my X9 freestyle frames, and scrapes of clear grip until I get my hands on more.
JesseeAK47 (1)

And the finished product-
JesseeAK47 (2)

JesseeAK47 (3)

JesseeAK47 (4)

JesseeAK47 (5)

Warning sticker is perhaps the best part about this thing. The other is how awkward it is to try and turn left and how especially awkward it is thanks to my ultra-compact stance.


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