Vaping – Russain 91% RBA Clone SS Mesh Build

Guess this got popular enough of a topic and seems that my ECF thread got archives, so I cannot edit it anymore to add summaries of little details, so I’ll go ahead and just post everything here:


BIG, BIG note – I have a clone R91% (said to be a “2014 model” whatever that means, off of eBay), thus I have no idea what similar clones on the market or original units (Kayfuns, other Russians) share this one’s main deck, but as you can see above, mine has VERY roomy juice channels. They’re about 2mm deep on the bottom and about 1-1.5mm deep inside the chimney. I’ve seen some picture where the channels are shallow, but that should NOT prevent you from pulling this build off.

I highly recommend a VV/VW battery with built-in ohm check feature to make everything much, much faster.

And so, you simply measure out enough mesh to,

– be long enough to go from bottom of the chimney/chimney’s channels all the way over and across the coil area and into the other channel.

– be thick enough to fill your channel tightly, unless your channel is very shallow, in which case you can just run it towards it and not inside.

Prepare it however you like, roll, test fit. If all of that goes well, find a drill bit the closest size to your rolled mesh and wrap a coil of your choice around it. I did 30 gauge nichrome to 1.4 ohms.

Set the coil, lift it above the air hole, etc. Pull the mesh through the coil, try to have it fit snug but not too tight nor too loose.

Pinch and bend enough of the SS mesh roll to reach desired area around one juice channel, then do the same on the other side. Trim excess with scissors.

Screw the chimney bit on and start testing ohms and doing quick test firing (preferable on the lowest wattage possible) to find the hot spots. Adjust the coil around using anything fine and pointy until you work all the hot spots out and it glows evenly EVERY time you fire it. Don’t be afraid to shift the mesh a bit to help kink out the hot spots.

Put enough juice to saturate the wick and wet fire it to see how much the ohms drop when its wet. You’re looking for .1-.2 drop tops. (Note that this build does not like to be part-dry, so that could be the sole source of any discrepancies, but it never hurts to make sure.) If its more, carefully burn it until its dry and test for dry hot spots again.

If all is well and consistent, build everything back up and do a few final dry burns to make sure it still works when assembled. Looking into the chimney will let you see if the coil heats up fine + checking the ohms.

Fill, set your wattage, and enjoy. I like mine best at 6-8 with PG and 7-9 on VG.

Final note – check your ohms periodically to make sure it’s all running as it should. If it suddenly start to drop .3 or more ohms, I would suggest draining, and checking the coil even if it still tastes about the same. No reason to let a good coil pop from a hot spot when you run low and don’t notice it.

Discuss here:

Then and Now – Turn A and X Gundams

So a couple months went by, and I feel I’ve improved quite a bit. From shooting jpegs hand-held, to at least a crappy tripod and RAW + a more suitable backdrop.

Somehow I keep revisiting Turn A figure. Perhaps I really love that show and its designs. Perhaps Turn X’s features make really nice photos. Who knows… The latest shot ended up quite nice.

Little Ghetto Studio Setup

Sadly, best I can think of at the moment, but with some ‘shopping in the temperature settings, results really aren’t half bad. And boy does that dinky tripod and remote come in handy.


And the gallery thus far.

Penny-sized Penny – Techdecks

Didn’t realize Techdecks spread to hipsterville too, and I couldn’t resist since its glow-in-the-dark just like my big old one.




And properly detailed too. Penny logo in the middle and P on the tail underside. Pretty cool for $3. And bushing work properly too, just like the Techdeck longboards.

Lastly, now I can properly demonstrate how it feels to be on a real Penny for the very first time:


Grand Theft Auto – Medicom Kubrick Sets

Perhaps the only official merchandise that ever blessed this long-running Rockstar series. GTA 3 set was more mild on accessories, whereas Vice City set even came with a beach post-card, Kubrick style.

Diamond Zippo Super Tank Oil Container

Surprisingly this one comes only from the lands of rising sun and not China.

DiamondZippoTank (2)

This little guy can do 2 things- act as a backup lighter fluid container with its rubber-sealed cap and a cover case, or as a replacement internal fuel storage instead of the usual cotton/rayon stuffing via its soak-able cap. To use this tank internally, simply gut any Zippo of its stuffing, cut the wick in about half, and route it towards the location of the soak cap so the fluid can reach it. If you screw the soak cap on just right (it has a flat-head screw on top to help you dial it in), your fuel will last much longer since the new container is much more air proof than simple cotton stuffing that dried up in about 2 weeks regardless of use.


iA – AV-98 Ingram

Incredibly iconic mech from the classic show Patlabor via Bandai’s ancient in Action line. These were brethren to all the Gundam figures from various other shows. Later the line gained a more appropriate name- Offshoot in Action, symbolizing deviation from Mobile Suits.

Ingram does not disappoint one bit. It comes with plenty of the accessories- 2 heads, various hands, pistol that stores in the leg compartment and extending hand gimmick for picking it up, stored and extended batons, shotgun with and without deployed stock, and TV an movie versions of the head. Other than that, all of the proper markings are present like Noa’s Alphonse signature name and even its license plate. Another notable point was the double-hinge joint in the knees which was a feature far ahead of its time for in Action line.

MSiA – EMS-10 Zudah

Yet another pleasant surprise from Bandai, to go with the MS igLoo series. And very obvious, yet somewhat unexpected was seeing the other two units released as well.

The story behind this test unit was its competition against Zaku I for the mass production spot in Zeon’s growing army prior to the One Year War. It had much better speed and armaments than its competitor, but suffered from the massive thruster instability at high levels of output and thus lost the race while it was under the EMS-4 model number. The later attempt at development of the suit under a different model number ended up a failure since the prevailing stability problem was solved only in its title and took the lives of two of its new test pilots as the result.

So here’s the Zudah next to its prior competitor, the whole test unit, and U.C. Arms Gallery Zaku II style machinegun comparison. Leftmost Zudah is at its optimal loadout, Commander with standard equipment, and unit IV with the bazooka. Interesting gimmicks are the functioning pistons in the arms and movable shield mount points on the shoulders.

MSiA – RX-121 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel]

It warmed my heart when Bandai started releasing figures of variations and from various side stories of the gundam universe. Hazel in particular is from Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans and was the test unit that was later developed into the iconic Gundam Mk.II.

Hazel resembled its base, GM Quell/GM Custom (from 0080 War in Pocket) and sported experimental beam rifles with stacked magazines, which was a brand new technology at the time. The 3 massive thrusters doubled as shield per depletion of the fuel and though they added incredible speed to the unit, their weight often crippled the developing machine. Same went with the additional armor, similar to that of Gundam Alex (0080 War in Pocket).

So here’s the pretty little bugger and a comparison of his stock rifles with the U.C. Arms Gallery variant.