[Broadway Bomb 2013] – Saturday – BBQ

After a half hour sprint, everyone needs some fuel. Best part is when your exhausted body has to work another 4 miles to get to that fuel, so our trek towards the BBQ began.

Naturally, we weren’t alone and cruised past Bikes N Boards’ Andy, who managed to mess up his foot right before the bomb and had to be on foot the rest of the weekend, and whom I’d properly meet later on.

I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of the Brooklynscape either.

Water break about halfway was an absolute must too, especially with headwind lagging our arrival.

And finally we made it to the fun madness-

Yet another public service announcement by Ian.

And then the sweet, sweet food-

REY burgers to go with your trucks anyone?

DB boards had a little demo display set up in the grass-

And people were bustin tricks in the basketball court as usual-

And of course the New York’s finest since this was a legal and legitimate after-event

Race naturally wasn’t without some casualties this year either-

And some creative threads were rocked-

Giveaways occurred with the crowds resembling seagulls-

And plenty of usual costumes were worn, since Bomb is skaters’ early Halloween like Comic Con is for us geeks

The mysterious Samurai was there with his Bombin board deco that I saw the night before-

Saw a Flexdex Fat Daddy used right-

And then, unfortunately, BBQ got broken up due to kids climbing the fences of the basketball court, so the afterparties began much earlier than expected. So I set sail once again towards the usual deli across the highway overpass.

Next up, Saturday, the Afterparty.


[Broadway Bomb 2013] – Saturday – The Race

First half of the day including the race was really rough thanks to the booze-a-palooza I had the night before. I barely glued myself off the bed, got ready, threw myself into the subway to hopefully make it to the race…

I surfaced at Times Square, dashed outside, and started skating down Broadway in hopes of catching one of the schools of racers. For the first minute or so, I was out of luck and worried a bit, but after another glance behind they surely appeared. Now it was time to do foot and camera work.

The rest of this was as fun as last year’s race, although I missed the beginning madness. Everyone was pushing hard just to get to the finish.

Chicks and dudes, all sorts of boards imaginable, incredible stoke and plenty of shralp.

Bomb is truly the best event on the east coast that brings all kinds of skaters together to do whatever they want to do. Race, cruise, hang out, its all up to you with this one. A real skate festival that promotes our culture, wrestles with the traffic laws, and gets on the local news every year.

Some of the spectators can be just as ballsy as us skaters, though given the nature of the event I would advise against some of these kinda moves-

All of us have plenty to worry about without people jumping out into our path just to take some cellphone pictures, but publicity is publicity I suppose.

Didn’t quite have to dodge any busses and trucks this year, and best of all the 5-0 was trying to help things finish after their failure at the starting line.

Finish line was bustling and everyone was taking a breather before doing another 4 miles to the BBQ.

Crazy dudes with Pennies. I love those little things, but for the madness that is the Bomb and having a camera out a about it can be a very poor choice of a deck.

There’s Waldo.

And now for another highlight of the weekend- Evolve powered board:

This crazy thing can apparently last a good few hours on battery and sport a whopping 20mph on flat ground! If the price wasn’t an arm and a leg, I would definitely consider something like it for a proper commuting machine.

And then came the time for a grueling 4 mile stretch to the BBQ that was not fun after half-springing about 6 miles down the ‘way.

Next up, Saturday, BBQ.

[Broadway Bomb 2013] – Friday

Last year’s bomb coverage, in case you missed it.

Better late than never, I suppose; and this will be one helluva long story, so here we go:

-Friday, October 9th 2013 – Longboard Loft. ~5PM-

Things kicked off in the afternoon at the Loft with an all-day chill, skate, and contest sessions. I rolled in around 5 to pre-game for the pre-party at *Uncle Funky’s later in the evening. Things were beginning to slowly wind down given that nightly events were all 21+ and youngins were beginning to turn in slowly. I grazed the very end of the hippie jump and the last bits of daylight.

I promptly hopped across the street to hang by the Loft itself and meet some new faces. Stoke for the race was definitely in the air, as was the wait for the official pre-party. I happened to park up next to the lot in the right side of the picture above and conversation leaned towards my Freebomb setup. As I was getting to the middle of my Surf-Rodz story, that came off as poor customer service until the end, no other than Wayne himself presented me with his business card and a welcome to contact him if anything similar happened in the future. Pretty damn rad and random to just bump into the owner of a very prominent precision truck brand just like that. He recognized my board too, since I linked it to SZ’s Facebook page and was featured in one of their post. Couldn’t resist asking for a shot with my deck either-

Next up were a couple of Pork Slaps at Lucky Jack’s next door.

After that I talked to Anvil Longboards and really enjoyed their integrated, motion-activated light system to help stay more visible while skating in the dark-

The kicktail looked very unique and fresh as well, which actually drew me in initially.

Loft was poppin with a usual prize draw and after taking a few snaps, I headed onwards to Funky’s for the real party.

-Friday, October 9th 2013 – Uncle Funky’s. 7PM-

Usual suspects were posted by the entrance and mild skating was happening around. Things were definitely about to get on the way, but little did I know just how gnarly the party was going to be.

Unknown to me then, I met Roberto who would later on become a new friend and a skate partner after the race on the way to the BBQ.

It was awesome seeing another guy rock one of my home boy’s very first setup by the book- Gravity Hypercarve with Gullwing Sidewinders. Visually sluggish, yet practically nimble longer kind of setup.

I ran into Toxic Surf Jim right away and it was great catching up for a few minutes before heading in. Got a fresh vinyl sticker to add to my deck’s belly and keep reppin his brand.

I went ahead inside to find a good parking spot for my plank before things became crowded. Seeing Jeff always makes my day, and he was already busy dishing out refreshments when I got inside.

Party was well under way despite it still being pretty early for a Friday night, but it sure beat waiting on people to start showing up.

It really didn’t take long for everything to become seriously poppin, to a point where re-surfacing turned into a slow moving line, haha.

Kristen, Noel, and Billy (whom I would properly meet the next day) were hanging outside, working the door, and keeping commotion to a minimum to avoid getting the shenanigans broken up by the 5-0.

On one of my fresh air trips, I bumped into REY Trucks themselves, and their setups put a huge smile on my face-

You don’t really see Kracked Skulls decks out on the streets of the east coast all that often, nor do you really see GBomb brackets/Illuminati complete. KS M1 was my very, very first board and the sentimental value in seeing more on the streets is huge for me. GBomb brackets were a crucial part in my latest build, and they too are just as rare of a sight out in the wild. 2 birds with one stone, perfectly done, REY Trucks!

Sooner than later, the outside was probably more packed than the inside of the party-

And the night would not be complete without our keynote speakers on the race the following morning-

Now, the funniest thing of the evening was selling 2 jacks to some random business suits for a generous offer of $8.

The next day’s Samurai skater had a very rad Bomb planted on the nose of his deck, pretty creative and appropriate-

After I barely survived the onslaught of awesome beverages, I decided to wobble my way towards home via Williamsburg detour to close out some bars and call it a very, late night that I would partially regret the next morning due to my inability to get up.

Next up- Saturday, the Race.

Norad Slasher

Semi-accidental, yet super-successful re-build. Decided to throw my Bears back on the Norad to make it feel the way it used to. Instead of a triple-stack of 1/8″ shock pads and 70mm wheels, I had rubber wedges on it from previous tweak and got too lazy to swap the Slashers off (plus to see if they would even work, being 80mm instead of usual 70mm). And, they worked. Worked hella well without any bite too! Now here’s the best part- since these are completely offset wheels, they can influence the stance width drastically; in this case, make a setup running on 180mm hangers feel more like 150mm when flipped inwards, or close to 200 when mounted normally.

So I managed a super-light commuter board on $20 80mm 80A “flywheels” in its intended 150mm stance, but using 180mm trucks.


Late First Shred of the Winter

Well, at the very least now this winter won’t end completely dry. The bad part- absolutely bored of all the local places. The good part- still got all my skills in perfectly intact. Gotta thank longboarding all year long for that one for sure.






Oh, and I finally put my last Union sticker where it was rightfully due. Shralpit!

Safety First At Long Last

I guess it’s about time I invested in a brain bucket, and who can resist $15 tag from Churchill MFG, right? Now I can finally start learning how to slide and record any journey, problem-free. I lost heaps of footage from the Bomb thanks to Contour’s battery disconnection due to vibration problem, that I believe I fixed now with some tape, but being on a helmet is an even better route than the shaky hand alternative.

Shralpit Funky in HD!

Quiver – 23/10/2012 – Rebuilt And Good To Go

Finally got around to overhauling my Freebord a little. Also got Union tape and started on grip design (still with scraps serving temp job while I figure what to do exactly). Penny got my colors in the wheels mixed and matched.


Down the Memory Lane

So much has happened since last summer, but comic across some of these shots just left me reminiscing once again. Lots of first times and first encounters with peeps I hang around (as best I can across 4 states).

First time I took my board upstate and got to shred the crazy jungle. First time I heard of Broadway Bomb, though missed the practice run that morning. First time I learned of and by the end of the whole weekend joined the Shralpers’ Union. First time I found Uncle Funky’s Boards. First time I tried any sort of race on a board (Governor’s Island 1/4 mile), where sadly one of our mates Luke broke his arm, but came out to the new location after getting a cast. Real trooper.

And perhaps the only weekend I’ve spent with one of my good friends I met that time.

Shralping the Web

Shralper’s union finally got its own site, check it out: Shralper’s Union

Shralpers Union was started for like minded sidestance lovers worldwide.  Being a member is like being at the top of the class or being recognized for knowing your craft, and possesing the Shralp.

Being part of the union is being part of a brotherhood that no matter what you always look out for another union member in anyway possible.

A network worldwide of Sidestance enthusiasts willing to support and help another member even if you may have never met yet.”

Bye bye Paris 190s, Hello Bear 852s

Traded old set of Paris truck that were a prelude to my Surf-Rodz for the well-spoken Bears. So far, I like em, definitely beat Randals by a mile. And then the rest of my swag.