Z Fleet

Finally got around to finishing up my 2nd MA-010, albeit the board still seems to have a short somewhere in it… but as it stands, here are my guys:

My trusty MR-03 w/ “Devil Z” 240 body:

Good old MR-02 with an uncommonly long for my tastes Ford GT shell. Simply couldn’t fit a rear damper on this guy, so I’m yet to fully test its capabilities on a track:

My primary MA-010 with Lancia Delta shell. Lowered to no end and works pretty solid for both grip and drift. Sports the newer Atomic round-can motor that puts out far less head than the standard ones.

Lastly, my backup MA with my custom R32 GTS-t shell. Pretty much stock with key alloy parts and one-way front diff and ball diff in the rear.


History Garage – Odaiba

This place made me drool, cry, and generally felt pretty euphoric.

And a couple of highlights:

First up, the Woodone GT Supra, but look at it, its not just another diecast model, its the newer reissue Kyosho Mini-Z!!! Also the only Mini-Z in the whole museum.

Next up, I finally saw my beloved Hakosuka in person, and that alone made the whole trip to Odaiba worth it!

Freaks Garage – Chiba

Awesome RC club here in Chiba area. The owner is mad cool. They seem to have just as much fun here as we usually do back home.









First time ever me seeing 60* tires in person.



Non-mini carpet track and mini one behind it.


And heli flying space, netted off. Great idea!


Death Rally for Android – Remake of a Favorite

Found this while browsing the Market last night and hoooooly crap! I loved the original game and they did an amazing job with this newer version. Everything is more or less the same with some extra perks. Best part? Its free!

Revisiting – Gran Turismo 5

Its been ages since I played this thing, and feels good to pick it up again! Buying more cars, remembering how to drift them, progressing through A and B-spec modes, etc.

I’ve been a decent fan since the 3rd game solely due to the fact that this game can offer some extremely intense races and now has a very solid game engine. What impressed me even more is that the portable version on PSP did not sacrifice any of the physics engine, thus felt just like the PS3 version for the most part! Definitely don’t see that in portable ports these days…

P.S. I have the limited edition, but too lazy to dig up the box and take pictures of extras it came with :p

My Weapons of Choice – Sony PSP

To this day, these systems were my best choices in gaming and I’ve clocked an inhuman number of hours over the years, customized them, sold them, soft-modded them, you name it. The 3 I currently own are:

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops 1000 Limited

Mint Green2000 with Felicia Blue faceplate and extended battery door

Gundam Vs Gundam 3000 Limited

A few memory cards, but a noteworthy CR-5400 dual-microSD adapter that helps me have as much memory as I want and not waste money on ProDuo cards I can’t use in anything else.

Of my most favorite games over the years- Guilty Gear Accent Core + Portable, Monster Hunter series, all of the Gundam and Gundam Vs series, Juiced, The Con, Syphon Filter series, Metal Gear Solid (psp game was my actual 1st MGS game ever), Tekken 5 and 6, Soul Calibur Portable, Initial D Street Stage, Wangan Midnight Portable, Shutoku Battle, and a few others. I have played a good MOST games for this thing and don’t remember a lot of them at this point because of that.

Kyosho Mini-Z – Hot New Lips

So, my All Wheel Drive car continues to have issues keeping its shoes(tires) on while on the track, and they happen not to fancy being tapes or glued on. I would just go ahead and get different compound tires, but these Atomic part-silicone ones have the best clearance shape and just enough slide to be perfect for this setup and keep it from flipping over too much. An idea hit me while looking at the wheels- they all have a default back end lip to match with tires’ cutout and stay on the wheel, so why not add a little front lip to help tires stay on and possibly resist being scrubbed against walls? Furthermore, these lips may create a slip point early enough for the car not to flip over completely if it is starting to.
Stay tuned for post-trial results.

Kyosho Mini-Z – MA-010 – Lancia Delta HF Integrale

As bad as it sounds, one of my first actually successful setups since I got into these lil cars:

A short summary of this guy is as follows- short/narrow(body, stance, and wheels/tires) hatchback setup for this new class we had at one of our huge races last year (Capital Challenge). All the key drivetrain and suspension parts are aluminum for increased durability; lowered stance for better handling; 1 degree camber all-around; Atomic round-can Super Stock (40 Turn) motor; Atomic Radial and X-pattern tires (forgot which degrees, but most likely 2nd/3rd softest).

This guy has no wheel bite against the body despite a very flush stance, doesn’t flip when driven hard (unless you actually try), has excellent finesse despite the overall weight, naturally can drift per drift tire swap.

I was inspired to build this for Capital Challenge last year to have an unofficial Lancia team with 2 of my racer friends in the new hatchback class-

Me and Brandon doing the controller pound.

And a few shots from last night’s solo session at Brooklyn Hobbies, NYC (plus a new race babe, can’t be without them)-