Track Is Back

Set my RCP Mini-96 back up to use as warmer flooring and occasional lap or two with old and new setups.



And my current working trio-


Lancia is still a total grip and drift beast and the rim lips seem to be doing their job. KPG took Devil Z’s place temporarily and seems to run just fine. And my old, magical problem-ridden 02 finally feels perfect under Ford GT I got from Freak’s Garage in Chiba. Must be lack of rear top dampening combined with 98mm wheelbase that breathed stability back into this one.

Z Fleet

Finally got around to finishing up my 2nd MA-010, albeit the board still seems to have a short somewhere in it… but as it stands, here are my guys:

My trusty MR-03 w/ “Devil Z” 240 body:

Good old MR-02 with an uncommonly long for my tastes Ford GT shell. Simply couldn’t fit a rear damper on this guy, so I’m yet to fully test its capabilities on a track:

My primary MA-010 with Lancia Delta shell. Lowered to no end and works pretty solid for both grip and drift. Sports the newer Atomic round-can motor that puts out far less head than the standard ones.

Lastly, my backup MA with my custom R32 GTS-t shell. Pretty much stock with key alloy parts and one-way front diff and ball diff in the rear.

Kyosho Mini-Z – Foreva3D’s Zcuderia bodies

As first seen on, here comes a whole new dimension to custom bodies for our beloved Zs. Material is stronger and lighter than the stock ABS and can be easily tweak to fit our needs. So far, quite a few new odds and ends were released and even more to come, so stay tuned folks!