MadSpeed 1/10th Adventure Continues

With bolts tightened up, CVDs installed, and a fresh Gens Ace lipo powering the whole system, I’ll try to see what this thing can really do once again.

And a sneak peak of (my relatively lazy) paintjob in the works.


Exceed-RC – MadSpeed 1/10 Drift Car (2.4ghz) – Beginning

So with a tag of only $109 for Ready To Run 2.4ghz radio kit, how could I say no? Car isn’t trouble free; however, after reading a very extended and detailed thread over at Ultimate RC Forums I decided to give it a go.

First batch of orders was the car itself, alloy front knuckles, and alloy wheel nuts as per long-term recommendations.

As you can see, everything looks pretty good. Due to solid plastic tires, this guy is pretty undriveable  outside, but I will try some techniques to get it to work on the cheaper side (like electrical tape layer or something of that nature).

Almost all key joints are metal on metal screws, so it WILL need threadlocker blue or some washers to hold everything in place. The stock dogbones aren’t that great either, so I have a set of CVDs on the way.

Stock charger/battery are pretty modest, but nothing a proper charger and a lipo battery can’t fix.

Radio and receiver, as far as I could tell, are pretty solid and I’ve no complaints there. Steering works great as well.

Stay tuned for when I make this guy driveable and write another overview.