Hard Work Pays Off – Hoferart.com Updates

So my numerous sessions with Christian Hofer of http://www.hoferart.com finally got updated into his website and I couldn’t be happier to see everything be put to good use. The cover shot as well as everything under Live Painting section.



Future collaborations will be on an even higher level since I’ve since overhauled my workhorse to a full frame sensor and the quality of the picture it puts out blows most of these completely out of the water.


Christian Hofer & Miriam Tekle @ Barcode, DC

So, got my first what could be called gig courtesy of Barcode, Christian, and Miriam. The night was an interesting fusion of fully-custom tailored suits, organizing (literally), and live hand painting to the sounds of happy hour running all night long. Very good crowd, very fun night, and here are my shots from it: Christian Hofer & Miriam Tekle @ Barcode.