Guilty Gear – Order Sol – Stone Sword Build (ギルティギア)

I think the only thing that still gets about this thing is its name. It never really got one, its not even a sword, its just a cracked piece of rock (due to Sol’s flames?).

Anyways, this was a brand new build for me altogether since getting a rocky look isn’t easy with my shiny plastics, but open cell foam (EVA) did the trick perfectly well. Everything else was, as usual, on-the-spot thinking and last minute build. All in all, took a day if that. Built to hurt and last very very long, as with everything that emerges from my hands.

I also repaired Fuuraiken alongside this build since it suffered plenty of damage during Nekocon this year.


Guilty Gear – Ky Kiske – Fuuraiken Build (ギルティギア 風来剣)

Been putting this build off for way too long, and birthday + NYAF 2011 were the perfect motivators this time around. Build was quick, simple, not really planned ahead due to the time crunch I had to deal with- 3 days. The whole thing was planned as it was built and the final is fully modular to allow repairs or upgrades in the future. Made of PVC, ABS, and stainless steel, polycarbonate paint. Future thoughts- thin down the white blocks on the middle area, make a foam blade to actually make this spar-friendly as well as photo friendly.