Z Fleet

Finally got around to finishing up my 2nd MA-010, albeit the board still seems to have a short somewhere in it… but as it stands, here are my guys:

My trusty MR-03 w/ “Devil Z” 240 body:

Good old MR-02 with an uncommonly long for my tastes Ford GT shell. Simply couldn’t fit a rear damper on this guy, so I’m yet to fully test its capabilities on a track:

My primary MA-010 with Lancia Delta shell. Lowered to no end and works pretty solid for both grip and drift. Sports the newer Atomic round-can motor that puts out far less head than the standard ones.

Lastly, my backup MA with my custom R32 GTS-t shell. Pretty much stock with key alloy parts and one-way front diff and ball diff in the rear.

Brushing Rust Off

Been a good minute since I’ve taken my 1/10th guy out, but it was too nice of an evening not to. Drives well despite a cheap esc and servo, but I might just glue or tape the tires sometime to avoid fixing them up after every/other hard turn.

And maaaan, will I ever get around to finishing this body up? Hahahaha.

But I did get sexy alloy rims and mock brake disks, so its becoming prettier.

1972 Skyline GT-R Model/RC Set

To my great luck and surprise, Hotwheels apparently made a Hakosuka last year. With that, my favorite set grew by one more and in a brand new scale.

In order: MadSpeed 1/10 w/ Tamiya shell; Kyosho Mini-Z; 1/43 Die Cast of some sort; and Hotwheels.

For being only 1$, details are simply superb. Some of the interior is done as well, everything is nice and proper. Also, dimensions seem to be intact.

MadSpeed 1/10th Drifter Progress

Finally finished painting the shell and put some of the deco on to see the general idea. Looks great! Now just need to get some sort of LED kit for this guy and finish up all the deco parts and such. Bumpers are a pain to mount, so gonna have to figure something out on that front.

MadSpeed 1/10th Adventure Continues

With bolts tightened up, CVDs installed, and a fresh Gens Ace lipo powering the whole system, I’ll try to see what this thing can really do once again.

And a sneak peak of (my relatively lazy) paintjob in the works.

Exceed-RC – MadSpeed 1/10 Drift Car (2.4ghz) – Beginning

So with a tag of only $109 for Ready To Run 2.4ghz radio kit, how could I say no? Car isn’t trouble free; however, after reading a very extended and detailed thread over at Ultimate RC Forums I decided to give it a go.

First batch of orders was the car itself, alloy front knuckles, and alloy wheel nuts as per long-term recommendations.

As you can see, everything looks pretty good. Due to solid plastic tires, this guy is pretty undriveable  outside, but I will try some techniques to get it to work on the cheaper side (like electrical tape layer or something of that nature).

Almost all key joints are metal on metal screws, so it WILL need threadlocker blue or some washers to hold everything in place. The stock dogbones aren’t that great either, so I have a set of CVDs on the way.

Stock charger/battery are pretty modest, but nothing a proper charger and a lipo battery can’t fix.

Radio and receiver, as far as I could tell, are pretty solid and I’ve no complaints there. Steering works great as well.

Stay tuned for when I make this guy driveable and write another overview.

Calsonic GT-R (R32) – HPI RS32 x Gran Turismo 5

Stumbled upon this guy in-game and couldn’t resist the purchase. 5 minutes later, some pretty dope shots of both.

HPI RS32 – 1/32 Scale R/C Car

Quick highlights- amazing details, same as the plethora of existing slot car bodies; modular parts just like in bigger scale cars; 2.4ghz radio, so no of that AM nonsense and only 90$ for a ready-to-run set!

Everything is packaged fairly well, nothing to complain about.

This guy does come completely disassembled, unlike Kyosho Mini-Z or Dnano cars.

The car handles well, but absolutely needs a little more speed and battery life. My guess is to use a Losi motor and/or lithium battery packs, perhaps from R/C helicopters. Also comparison shots to my custom-painted Mini-Z R32.

Note that because these will go hand-in-hand with the new HPI slot car line, the details may surpass that of Mini-Zs, like rear view mirrors, for example. Not to mention a non-deformed body shape unlike 1/27 scale

Mini-Z Custom Paintjobs

My Skyline R32 GTS-t conversion, next to the pre-painted GT-R’s-

Itasha style ’70 Skyline GT-R (KPGC10) with Armored Core Formula Front deco and my logo on the roof

A/C Cobra in Metallic Blue with a lime offset stripe

Mirror’s Edge Faith Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

Lotus Europa Special, and this one survived quite well after a season of racing.

As seen over the year on www.minizracer.com/forums