Some of My Convenient Meals [The Filler Series]

When hungry and on a budget, Japan’s convenience stores got your back. From liquor any time of day… erm cold or warm foods, snack and various beverages, to manga and prize draws- convenience stores got you. Best part of it all though? Roughly the same prices are they are in the States, but instead of crummy Big Bites or Taquitos, things like these hot bento trays and instant delicacies like yakisoba instead of same old “ramen” bowls we can get in the States. And remember, everything minus (probably) the typical ramen with those intense flavor packets, is very healthy unlike their American counterparts.


Multi-dish dinner and 2 tall cans of brew under $10? Not bad at all.


Or how about pre-made soba and gyoza set to go with some brew? And what’s this? A free carton of coffee from a promotion draw for spending $10? Got the morning covered, for free.

The slightly more ghetto days consisted of woes as to what to use to cook regular ramen packets since they seldom come in reuse-friendly bowls like they do in China, but nothing one serving of yakisoba couldn’t fix…



This was from the episode of having $10 to my name for a week, but I made it happen just fine. Granted, you really can’t be too picky with your 60-cent meals when you source ground for dropped smokes to pass the time by…

Now, instant soups are also quite cheap and quite damn good for what they are-


I do save best for last though, and these were my main diet staple for roughly 2 months due to- being cheap and quite filling for the price, and just so damn good, and easy to stash and carry for later consumption. I present to you, the ~80-145Y onigiri.


Note my glorious Yamasnote-sen chopsticks I got from Village Vanguard in Odaiba.

And lastly, my physically last meal I had last morning of the trip (granted nowhere near the last dinner, but hey)- the SDF instant ramen cup that was by far, the best I’ve ever had from that general variety.



7 & I Holdings Co. [The Filler Series]

So our commonly known regular 7-Elevens teamed up with another company in Japan and became something completely mind-blowing from their typical small convenience store image we all have engraved in our minds:






Giant? Bloom? Walmart? All in one? Nope, just a 7-Eleven in Japan. lol

June 7Eleven Gintama Campaign – Sougo and Hijikata

Never got around to taking and posting pics of these 2, courtesy of Mi-chan. And one shot next to last February campaign Gin, courtesy of Nao-kun.

Quick recap on how this all works- during the time of prize campaign, you buy a blind ticket from participating stores via 500 yen. You then open the ticket and see what tier of prizes you can choose something from (A=1st/best,B,C, and so on down the alphabet). Gin, as always, was the A from feb. Sougo and Toshi were B and C from June.

Standard of Quality – Fast Food

Something very interesting I heard last night about, for example, 7-11s and the like stores here in Japan.

Everyone knows their usual “grill” menu in America- taquitos, hot dogs, etc. And we all know that back in the States, that stuff can sit there all day if no one buys it and still be sold later. Not in Japan.

Stuff like corndogs and other grilled items will await potential saviours for up to 3-4 hours, after which they’re all sent on their way to trash. Fresh new recruits replace them, and cycle begins once again.

Besides the fact that there isn’t any chemical sugar added to these goodies, that’s what I can quality even in fast food.

Gin-san Fan Party With A Surprise Guest

So rocketnews decided to set up a meet and greet kinda party for me, but the problem was they made it super last minute. Normally, no good, but with power of twitter and a bit of luck I managed to get Yunmao Ayakawa to come join us in our small festivities. Then a friend of mine managed to come all the way from Chiba! All in all, was a very successful outing.






Stay tuned for RocketNews’ coverage of this shinding as well.

Here’s Yunmao’s blog post about this.

And Rocketnews24 article.

Funny enough, the June 7-11 Gintama campaign started the following morning and I ended up going to the one by my place in full gear. Got a ticket for a keychain tier and had my friend dig up me for me. Haha