Out With the Old, In With the New. Year.

My 2012>2013 extravaganza.


Tigercon 2012

Got here pretty late, so there wasn’t much of anyone left for the most part, but you can’t beat a free con, right?

Nekocon 2012

Quite last minute and mostly to visit good old friends, but here it is:

Lots of good times, big pimpin, bro’ing down and fixing continuously breaking swords.

New York Comic Con 2012 After Party – Webster Hall

Free, insane after party happened in Webster Hall on Saturday night. Huge, old venue. DJs were awesome. Drinks were not overpriced and well-made.

New York Comic Con 2012 (NYCC)

Irony had it that since my new cosplay addition was Haru from Rave, this con really ended up a groove adventure. Pictures alone won’t really do the story justice, so I will get to it right after the photographic glory.

Lots of new faces, lots of familiar ones, and one crazy 4-day con. Starting from Thursday:

Met up with new faces I was rooming with for Fri-Sat with since they got to the con as early as I did, but neither of us had any accommodations for the first day. Sleeping in the car is nice and all, but not in that weather and not with 3 people and a giant sword. Luckily, we bumped into one of my friends who was mostly doing Domon Kasshu from G Gundam for this con. Great luck with which I went ahead to move my junk from the car to the hotel. On my way, I somehow lost my 4-day pass for the con due to carrying too much stuff. Feeling completely blown, ended up going to the con area to try my luck since one of the new friends also needed a pass. By amazing chance of luck, we bumped into some guy who was leaving that day and not coming back at all, so he gave me his 4-day for free. Amazing turn of the events thus far. We all went back to the hotel and celebrated collectively.

Debuted Haru all day long, with the only real highlight being piggyback jousting using my sword and a maid whose skirt was going all around the world in the wind. Bystanders found that whole notion quite amusing. Later on I took Domon to Village Yokocho and Decibel where he tried sake for the first time. Per return to the hotel, we got nicely smacked and Lake Toya had his way with Domon. lol


Waltzed around as Gintoki and looked quite in-character given my hangover from the night before. Highlight of this night was the free, huge after  party in Webster Hall that we went to after all was said and done.


Did not start off so nicely since my car got towed and the ticket, towing fee, and an extra night at the hotel set me back a good half of a big buck.

All in all, was quite the adventure this year and I made it back in one piece. Pheeeeew.

Also, here’s a slideshow I compiled for my YouTube:

Quiver – 4/10/2012

Aaaand with the newest addition to the quiver and the rest of the hardware shuffled around, here’s where it stands now:

Legend: [Board name: Trucks, Wheels.]

-Kebbek Rêve: Surf-Rodz 200mm RKP, 3dm Avila 75mm 77a.

-Kracked Skulls M1: Bear 852, Retro Freeride Reflex Formula 72mm 86a.

-Never Summer Norad V2: knockoff Randall 150mm, Pink Powerballs 72mm 78a.

-Penny Nickel: Penny Nickel, Churchill 72mm.

-Penny Penny: Penny Penny, M1 Urethane 2011 Team 58mm.

Salia @ Kollaboration DC 3 (2012)

First year that Kollaboration DC pulled an existing, international star to headline the show. This was the second event that I saw her perform at and it was just as good as the first one. Salia performed 3 of her songs with both hers and Kollaboration’s house DJ, Asu Rock, who did a helluva job once again.

Just as a quick refresher for those who don’t know about her, Salia did the first opening, Trust, in Vandread, and one of the songs from School Rumble, Amai Yume.

I kicked the night off in the VIP section, just like I did the past 2 Kollaborations DC. Here we are next to this year’s backdrop- new friend Michelle, Salia, and yours truly. Why I look like that, at this point in time- had to run run run to get to the show on-time (and nevermind early like I planned to originally) due to DC’s atrocious metro system. Better slightly late than never though, right?

And then a few snaps from the show

Then I went ahead and got both her new single, Trust in Me, as well as her first own album titled the same. Album comes with a small poster, and in my case, her signature on the front cover (that’s next to invisible in this shot).

The songs were pretty interesting, with a darker feel to them that I haven’t seen in whatever pop music I end up hearing, in a while.

Last but not least, hung out a bit at the show’s official afterparty at Bistro Bistro in Dupont Circle. This shot is courtesy of my friend Paul.

All in all a night well-done. Hopefully I’ll catch her again sometime soon.

Kollaboration DC 3 (2012)

Third show since Kollaboration expanded into the nation’s capital, and was getting better and better every year. So what it is? Essentially a festival to highlight and promote various up-and-coming local Asian artists and recognize them for their talent and hard work in areas they are all passionate about. All of the performances this year pushed the envelope compared to last and they even pulled a J-Pop artist Salia into the mix. That was the first milestone for the event and I hope international guests become more regular in the future.

I highly recommend looking the performances up online (youtube), but here are the top 3 contestants this year-

3rd place were the Lascajacakhan trio with their diverse fusion of styles.

2nd place went to the Mighty Morphing Boogie Rangers for their satirical hip-hop style group dance performance.

And the winner of this year’s show was George Yamazawa with his touching and inspiring free form poem about his father.

All in all, the show was absolutely worth it again this year, and I hope Kollaboration DC keeps expanding and pushing the envelope next year.

Ocean City ’12

Its’ been almost 2 years since I’ve been to any kind of beach (during swimming weather that is). Nice and relaxing, so here are some shots from this trip.

What to do, what to do…

Gotta start plannin my next set of cosplays for NYCC/NYAF. So far, definitely leaning towards Haru Glory from Rave and if I’ll figure out the build, Kazuma from S-Cry-Ed. Haru will save my on-hold .hack Black Rose sword that I started, but the other involved people bailed on the group so project went on hold. Kazuma’s arm should be my first armor build, so if I’ll pull that one off somehow, I’ll be open to bigger projects from that point on. All in all, stay tuned folks.