Smok Tech Pyrex Glass Tank RSST Review

Fresh from c2cvaping, the Pyrex glass tank RSST:


Packaging is similar to that of Magneto and other higher end mods than the simple old RSST’s simple little box.


Packaging inside matches the new premium looks well.


Usual extras with new tank seal for the top deck connection included. Also 2 washers for the center pin.


Broken down. The bottom of the tank is now coated with silicone-feeling, rubbery material and has 4 machined posts to center the glass tank. The center column is coated in that same rubbery material to help seal the tank. Top of the glass tank has a silicone ring to seal it into the top deck’s new grove. Overall, very nicely upgraded albeit making simply upgrading to a new tank impossible from the old units.


Side by side comparison with the old RSST (right). The new design has a little machined decorative gap where the chamber cap meets the top deck and looks much better than the old, lets-make-it-look-flush-with-a-crease RSST.


And having clear glass simply looks gorgeous compared to the old milky, plastic tank.

All in all, pretty nice upgrade, but hardly essential or absolutely necessary.

And a bonus macro “sweat” shot:



4 thoughts on “Smok Tech Pyrex Glass Tank RSST Review

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