[Broadway Bomb 2013] – Afterparty

And now onto the best part of the night, in my opinion anyway.

I didn’t expect to bump into THE crew at the corner deli, so the fact insured me having a great afterparty as long as I stuck with em. Everyone knows this aluminum monstrosity, and thus many of you will guess exactly who I ran into-

Our very own, Sasha Popper, who skated across America to train for Adrenalina marathon in Cali (in case you didn’t know). Of course, Union love for life!

And where there’s Union, there’s Noel.

Some creative boards were in the lineup as well,

And I had to take a snap of my Freebomb next to Sasha’s rig-

Before I knew it, REY guys rolled right up to us and planning began for where to actually go and drink.

After a bit, we all set off, but still had to figure how to get Andy wherever we were going faster than on foot.

We wandered quite off-course at first, but kept running into more fellow skaters and figuring out where in the world the actual bar was…

And finally figured out our final destination:

Here Noel was hard at retelling the race to others, namely how he was getting Kiefer to keep pushing for the first place.

And for the most part, everyone was just chilling and throwing stories here and there. And lots of silliness. Lots.

The epic thrift board was also making another round to be signed,

Next something rad and unexpected happened, since I had no idea Sasha’s birthday fell on the race day. So turns out Him, Kiefer and myself have our birthdays all in a row, back-to-back, so new development added onto my extended celebration of my own.

And of course there was a song involved, by everyone, for our one and only.

And that naturally ended with a proper shot.

Then two more awesome/random things happened. My boy Bilal rolled up there, randomly, so we had a nice lil reunion of our own since its been about a year at this point. Then, all of sudden, this thing rolled on through…

Best described as “I don’t even…” or “Optimus Grime.”

Showed my deck to more folks who approved it like no other,

New friends were made,

Pool was played,

And random city visitors photographically assisted and partly assimilated into our bunch,

And last, but not least, further plans were formed,

All in all, this was one helluva weekend that definitely came to be on-par with Comic Con if not more fun due to being something different for me this time of the year. Til then year, Broadway Bomb!

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