Magneto Mechanical Mod Clone (Fasttech)

Fiiiiiiiiiinally got this thing from SlowTech, and so far so good. This thing runs on 18xxx size batteries and has a screw-in/out extension tube to fit the different sizes. I ordered a 18500 and it fits nice and flush when the tube is extended almost all the way out.

Whole mod is heavy as hell, but I like its benefits- run any coil you want, fire as long as you please, and enjoy the fancy magnetic firing button at the bottom.



Next to Smok eG0



With the top piece off, battery in


Top and bottom piece off



Very simple, indeed solely mechanical since battery’s safety board is the only thing electronic here. The very bottom ring above the button does screw out to lock the button in for travels, although the magnets aren’t that weak to cause accidental fire. In fact, you have to REALLY push the button in for it to engage.

I’m still debating whether to re-coil/shorten my coil in the RSST to test this thing’s limits or to leave it be to use eG0 as backup/passthrough whenever this 1100mAh monster gives out.


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