Just Sigh Really

Seems like I’m at that really stale part of the pond of earlier life right now- jobs aren’t exactly all that, dreams and goals aren’t coming quite together, and worst of all I’ve no idea what to really do about much of it at the moment. Haven’t written in this part of the blog for a minute, but venting always helped so here goes…

New Year’s resolution will definitely be to find an interest-relevant job and make the best of it unlike the majority up to this point. Else it seems that revisiting the good times of the past is keeping me going since those were the things I truly enjoyed and actually saw, felt, and properly experienced as opposed to all of them being mere fantasies. Wish some epic events happened more often, but alas. Also waiting for the snow season to start up (for me) to get back into my ocean and feel like a fish again. Haven’t waxed my board in ages; haven’t been on snow in what feels like forever; and sadly still no balls to try going sideways on concrete… But anyway, gonna keep it together the next few weeks and make the best of things happening and hopefully things to come as well.


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