Smoktech RSST RBA

So after doing some math on upkeep of the standard clearomizers and my love for customization and tweaking, I figured to go ahead and dabble into ReBuildable Atomizer realm. Smoktech RSST looked like the most basic, solid, affordable and pretty good looking of all the others on the market.

RSST (2)

Package is simple and appealing. Kit comes with the RSST; very solid, stainless steel 510 drip tip; spare chamber O-rings; extra spring and a shim for the positive center post; and 2 extra tank plugs.

Doing my research on this guy prior to purchase, I read that the delrin insert for the center post was prone to juice leaking all the way down it and into the battery. One solution was getting silicone inserts designed for a different RBA that fit this one perfectly and remedied the issue, and one place to get them at was KidneyPuncher. Since they also had RSST and wires and wicks, I went ahead and ordered everything from there. I went with silver plated center post for better conductivity.

RSST (4)

RSST (5)

Going with Stainless Steel mesh and too-high of a gauge of Kanthal wire was a mistake on my part, and the whole thing did not work all too well on the eGo battery (and yes, I went ahead and ordered a mod battery to try that out, but my preference is still the USB eGo for its convenience) due to having too much resistance on effective number of coils. SS mesh was also quite a pain to coil around and avoid hot spots.

NOTE- wicking using Ekowool (filled with nylon or cotton) can be easily done by wrapping the coil around a spare center pin or any 2mm diameter nail, then licking the wick ends after you cut it to prevent fraying and making it very easy to threat through the wrapped coil.

So next venture was some Ekowool wick and Nichrome standard and flat ribbon wire along with a 18500 battery and a charger for the mod handle that’s on its way from Fasttech.

RSST (15)

This combo worked out quite well with a 5/4 wrap, giving me ~2.2 ohm resistance and plenty of surface area coverage for a pretty decent burn.

RSST (18)

And in the end, this is the rig until the mod battery holder arrives:

RSST (14)

So my thoughts on the RSST and RBAs in general?

They indeed give a very, very clean and potent burn- my 35mg VS Banana juice is extremely, unbearably harsh coming from RSST than it even was on 510-T, RCT, or DCT. I can safely dilute it 50-60% with plain PG liquid and get the same throat hit and taste. So RBAs are very, very efficient.

They’re, to me, very fun to set up and tweak. Sometimes a pain, but I’m sure as I rebuild it more I’ll get better at it. Combinations of coils possible using only 1 wire are impressive- # of coils, their spacing, standard wrap-around-the-wick or micro-coil ribbons… and the best part is that every type burns noticeably different!

The build is very, very pleasing to both the hand and the eye. That also means durability is simply off the charts.

Maintenance is extremely cheap. Where standard clearomizers and tanks usually carry ~ $2 tag per replacement atomizer piece that lasts about 3 weeks of use, a RBA wick and wire combo can run as low as $7.50 and would be enough to do 10+ rebuilds.

A voltometer/resistance meter is a must to own, but not a terribly expensive device.

If you have steady hands and a passion for tinkering and customizing, I’d highly recommend getting an RBA.


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