Smoktech DCT

Got a bottom-fed, cartomizer style dual coil tank to try out this whole vaping direction, and while a completely different feel from wick-fed tanks, I gotta say that I like this a little bit better on the go.



The DCT sports replaceable single or dual coil atomizer barrel that slide inside a 3.5 or a 5ml tanks and use standard 510 drip tips. While the whole rig is pretty much held together via silicone O rings, it surprisingly stays intact quite well.

filling the tank, especially 3.5ml, can be a little bit delicate since you have to avoid dripping into the metal barrel. With some care, it’s not too bad to get these to 75% full and that can last (me) 2 days if not a bit more (with the 3.5ml tank).

The burning of the dual coil produces far thinner and lighter taste, thus I can tug on it much longer than on my RCT. The real advantage is that the juice hole is at the very bottom of the tank, so DCT will not run dry until all of the juice is used up unlike the RCT whose wicks start having trouble routing the juice when the tank gets to 15-10% full. Avoiding dry hits is easier with these as well- a couple deep, blank pulls will get enough juice into the atomizer and it’s ready to go again and again.

Overall, nice system that is still affordable and rebuildable.


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