Little Big Revamp – Smoktech RCT and Joye Ego

So I’ve been neglecting my poor little e-cig kit for a while, and thus decided to do a little overhaul.

Through some net search I came across MadVapes and saw a very attractive deal in their sales section:


Smoktech Replaceable Coil Tank (RCT) for only $4.29. It could use the Joye 510 batteries I had a few of already, so I figured it would be worth a try. Once I got it (the yellow one), I loved how fresh and powerful it was compared to the old little 510T atomizer, so I figured a proper overall upgrade was in order (as well as a spare RCT just in case- purple one).

I went back to Madvapes and ordered a spare tank, some RY4 liquid for a change (VS Banana has been getting old, but when you have ~60/120ml left, you’re just not as inclined to buy any liquid at all), and the real star of the show- Joye eGo 900mAh battery with a usb pass-through mod by Smoktech.


Tank can hold 5ml of liquid!

Before I drown this with words, here are some more shots of this thing plus comparisons with 510T:



*On the vaping note, it seems that you have to fill this tank at least half way to properly submerge the wicks to avoid getting dry pulls. I’ve been playing with 1/5-1/4th full and longer draws were ending a bit dry.

So why eGo battery despite owning 3 510XL ones? Well, predominantly for the USB pass through feature that lets you charge via mini-b cable AND use it while charging. Battery capacity is nice to have as well, since my skinnies are 280mAh for manual and 340mAh for one automatic, so the new 900 is like the 3 combined. Ability to use USB port eliminates having to carry a special and slow proprietary charger.


Lastly, I believe my eGo does not have an automatic cut-off per continuous use like some do or I simply couldn’t hit my liquid for that long since it is very harsh, but that’s the way I like it!

Lastly I’d like to cover how nice the RCT’s build quality is. It is fully rebuildable as you can see in the very first image, but that’s not all. The end caps screw into aluminum thread instead of inside or outside the polycarbonate tank, so opening and closing it will have little to no wear and tear. Then, every part that can be removed has a silicone O-ring to properly seal it and keep the liquid from leaking out. Very nice touch!


Lastly here’s a lil shot of the coil:


All in all, very happy with this purchase and the fact that whenever (if ever, haha) it burns out, I can simply replace the whick-and-coil piece and not the whole thing. The tank size could’ve been a bit smaller IMO, but beggars aren’t choosers. The over-sized tank might possibly protect the battery button from being pressed when carrying this thing in pants pockets.


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