Evil Monkey – Kracked Skulls M1 Custom Grip

So my lady friend finally decided to get a proper length board to step up from the PK I gifted her a good while ago. Trick here was a well-built, light, affordable deck and trucks that would feel as close to my Freebomb as possible.

After some thinking, I figured to go with Bennett 6.0s for their insane turning ability and price point and Kracked Skulls M1 40″ given their build quality and prices ($50 for a nimble drop-through with fiberglass? Beat that most other manufacturers!). Irony here, in a way, is that my very, very first board was the same exact thing with extra glass option. I top mounted it solely to avoid wheel bite it was getting even with 70mm wheels.

Following the footsteps of most decks I had to grip myself, this one wasn’t going to go without a proper, thematic design, so after about hour and a half, here we are-

KS-Monkey1_ (1)

KS-Monkey1_ (2)

KS-Monkey1_ (3)

KS-Monkey1_ (6)

Given my friend’s nickname and character, Evil Monkey seemed too appropriate. And since the deck is “M1,” Abrams fit like a glove. Decided to go with the WWII U.S. Army star design for classier and vintage look. Since I had to do the details with a razor blade prior to going out and picking up an Olfa knife to replace my lost one, half of this job wasn’t exactly efficient nor comfortable.

Here’s my M1 and the new brother next to one another:

KS-Monkey1_ (4)

KS-Monkey1_ (5)

Mine has seen quite a bit in its lifetime, including New York Broadway Bomb ’12, shralpit! Also the deck that I got into Shralper’s Union with. Lots of history and good times. Design on mine is very quick and basic because I just wanted to go and start riding it as soon as I got it, heheh.

So, that’s that for this board. Now to let it accumulate mileage, stickers, and bring lots of stoke and good vibes to my friend.

KS-Monkey1_ (7)


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