First Impressions – Yongnuo WJ-60 Macro Photography LED Light

Decided on my truly last piece of affordable gear to put an end to my/camera’s struggle to focus in very low light/pitch-black situations with this wonderful ring LED rig. Decided to go with Yongnuo again since 565 EX I got was a VERY solid flash, so I trust this little brand.


This guy uses 3xAAA batteries; has a hard on/off switch; and a left and right buttons that cycle through brightness modes, half-on modes, or turn it off (ready to be turned back on via another press of either button).


It has 60 LEDs in two rings and a total of 6 modes- all on, half off, left half fully on, left half half off, and likewise for the right half. Not too shabby for a $30 rig.


It can mount in two ways- onto the lens tip like a proper macro light or into the camera’s hot shoe like a flash via plastic mount. Both work quite well. Since its completely autonomous unit, it can just be hand-held as an aid light or even mounted on a stand.

To fully test it, I rigged my D5100 with both this light and my proper flash.



I even tried it with my 70-300 VR for a completely beastly setup-


And of course the lewd setup using my 45mm AI-P that’s thinner than the LED ring with a quarter width to spare. Best part is that I can still use the filter-style hood along with all these lights on this lens!


And onto some “macro”-ish shots-





And edited-


Conclusion thus far? Awesome macro light! While it can’t double as a flash since it’s completely analog, it doesn’t really interfere with using a real flash and does what it needs to do perfectly- illuminate dark places enough to use the big boy properly focused.

Follow-up: And a few shots using the WJ-60 as a base light and then on-board flash at 1/32 the power:


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