Pentax K10D, Eh?

So my friend got herself a K10D to join me on my photo crusades along with a Sigma 35-70mm f/2.8-4 manual focus, K-mount lens. Pentax’s digital line is interesting, but not quite my cup of tea in the end (unless newer models became more polished).


Now, what I did find interesting is that it was weather-sealed; had built-in auto-focus motor; built-in image stabilization vs in-lens like Nikon; could meter on non-CPU lens; had a test-shot mode to see what you would get before actually taking a shot to save to memory; custom temperature/WB mode that used last image taken as a sample for new settings; ability to shoot in Adobe DNG for RAW files.

Downside is that there isn’t a plethora of natively compatible lenses or reasonably priced, modern bodies. Older glass used to be M42 mount, so to use on digital bodies one has to deal w/ adapters.

Overall, not too bad of a feature list, but to me complete and native flexibility w/ lenses and ability to set an ISO button takes a slight priority. That and my D5100 being a much more simple kinda body, lets me dive straight into the action without too many setting option to ponder. Shooting in RAW can cure most blemishes afterwards anyway.


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