Finally a Modern Workhorse – Samsung Ultrabook NP540

With my T4220 simply refusing the CS6 workload I do these days w/ RAW files, I had to use the coffin of a Vaio until I could get a proper new portable work horse, and at long last here we are:


Samsung Ultrabook Series 5 (NP540U3C-A03UB). Aluminum body, 10-point touch screen, separate mouse buttons, and very decent guts. Thanks to this guy being a display model from Best Buy and a recall by Samsung (to promote the Ativ brand of basically identical machines) the price was too good to pass up.


Real kicker is that unlike the Ativ Ultrabooks, this guy uses only 1 soldered on 4gb of ddr3 ram with an extra slot for expansion; the HHD is a slim version of a standard sata 2.5″ and that makes it easily serviceable and removable, which is a huge plus over soldered on SSD on newer models (and not to mention 500/whatever GB of playground vs strict 128). Specs are solid too, for the price, type, and size of this thing.

This is actually a second Ultrabook style in the household, my dad’s work Dell XPS being the first one-



Sammy is a bit more chubby, but that’s to be expected from having a standard HDMI port and a regular HDD and RAM (possibility) instead of being a non-upgradeable “phone/tablet.”


Keyboard on the Dell feels surprisingly cheap despite being backlit, the mouse buttons aren’t separated and hard to feel by touch which I find ironic given than even by MSRP the Dell is a more premium horsey. That and the lack of touch screen. And that plastic surface on the keyboard half despite sporting the same aluminum body. It’s a Dell, go figure.


And lastly the Dell’s specs for comparison-


Not too bad, but definitely a gen older than the Sammy.

Win 8 isn’t horrible thus far, as odd as that is to admit. The new smartphone app style menu can be easily hidden and everything else is pretty much the same as 7 minus certain options being harder to get to, like showing known file type extensions. No biggie really.

Battery life is marked at ~9 hours which is uncanny even compared to my old T4220 with 2 batteries on board.

Quad core and ddr3 surely show they prowess in picture processing, so I am extremely pleased in that department even if this guy lacks a proper graphics card to make everything super-duper-uber crisp.

And the form, weight, look and feel is very professional. Huge step-up from my plasticy T4420 albeit not having a Wacom screen.


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