Zeikos Close Up Macro Filter Set

Decided to try one of these once again, but with a purpose this time- to zoom in on the bees and insects a little bit more with my 70-300VR.


Testing the thought of how much each diopter reduced the minimal working distance via Gundam Wing Leo figure and a desk chair. The tests were successful in the static environment, and went as follows:

This was the stock 1.5m minimal focus distance at maximum 300mm zoom-



Then I added +1 filter and moved the camera until I got within the new minimal focus distance and took another shot, still zoomed in at 300mm-



Since +1 didn’t really do as much, I bet this whole idea on +2 and that went just about perfectly-




Given the bees and lots of other bugs are roughly the size of Leo’s head and would let me in that close (about 0.5m vs original 1.5m), this could be perfect to shoot the busy and ignorant bees with.

Next I tried +4 filter just to see how much zoom it would add, and it was a bit too close for comfort at 300mm; however, shooting at 70mm was pretty solid and allowed me even more room to zoom and frame the shot as needed-


Here I was just a hint closer than with the +2 filter.

And a shot with the +4 filter at 300mm zoom-


All in all, very pleasing results for $20 spent on equipment I will only use occasionally. Naturally, bumping the ISO, shutter speed, and using a flash will help the whole process tremendously.

Until I field test this setup then…



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