First Impressions – Sigma 24mm Super-Wide II f/2.8 Macro (Manual) (1981)

Got this sucker in my quest for a wider and closer-focusing lens for indoor events, in vintage/all-manual variety. Only ran me an incredibly lucky $41 plus shipping for a mint condition piece with original leather case and the crappy snap-on hood (that’s broken, but nothing superglue can’t fix). It is also an AI lens, so it’s compatible with all Nikons off the bat. The build is full metal with the exception of the rubber grip on the focus ring and a full plastic aperture ring. Focus ring feels tight, but I would guess that it would loosen up and become very smooth, yet still solid just like my Nikkor-H 50mm. Disassembly looks fairly simple in case the need for repairs arises.

For history, based on the Japan Camera Inspection Institute quality control sticker, this lens and all in its batch passed the test and were from 1981. Bit newer than my 1966 50mm, but the difference in quality is extremely noticeable.

And now, onto the snaps of this puppy and my Nikkor-H 50mm f/2:




How close can it go?




Now it made me want to revisit my extension tube I got with the 50-


And here comes the Bismuth grown in Germany-


And one of the end of a Flowlight-


Now onto the fringing test, which impressed the hell out of me as it did with the 50H. Another neat part about this lens is that it can do half-stops for aperture:


If you compare it with 35mm f/1.8G, Sigma blows it completely out of the water, and it is extremely pleasing considering $160 difference in costs between the two.

Now for some edited and unedited outdoor snaps to show what this little guy can do-




And now for some daytime shots, to really test the colors:







(Slightly edited sky)


And to finish this off, something really tasty-


Also very pleased with the 35mm equivalent width for cramped indoor events. Definitely not something I could squeeze even out of my 35G.

And so you have it ladies and gentlemen- this Sigma definitely takes the cake considering how inexpensive it can be from time to time. Another nominee for inexpensive glass of fame in my book.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Sigma 24mm Super-Wide II f/2.8 Macro (Manual) (1981)

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