Norad Slasher

Semi-accidental, yet super-successful re-build. Decided to throw my Bears back on the Norad to make it feel the way it used to. Instead of a triple-stack of 1/8″ shock pads and 70mm wheels, I had rubber wedges on it from previous tweak and got too lazy to swap the Slashers off (plus to see if they would even work, being 80mm instead of usual 70mm). And, they worked. Worked hella well without any bite too! Now here’s the best part- since these are completely offset wheels, they can influence the stance width drastically; in this case, make a setup running on 180mm hangers feel more like 150mm when flipped inwards, or close to 200 when mounted normally.

So I managed a super-light commuter board on $20 80mm 80A “flywheels” in its intended 150mm stance, but using 180mm trucks.



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