Perfection – FreeBombSZ

Or so I’ll go ahead and call it, since now it’s a crazy fusion of 3 rad brands all in one.

Freebord Mr. Blode 85cm cut to 24″ symmetrically

G Bomb pump and adjustable wedge brackets, wedged at 15* on each end

Surf-Rodz Indeesz w/ 10mm x 70mm axles, 127mm hangers, blue Solidz bushings, SZ 10mm bearings, all set up at 147mm

3dm Avila’s 75mm 77A



(This one was featured on SZ Facebook page as well).




And this thing took about a lazy year and a half to put together.

Before the full story, it was approved by Surf-Rodz Wayne himself-

Key component I’ve been lacking were in fact the Indeesz, and I’ll do a brief review with respect to this crazy setup:

Turning radius, stability, and response are off the charts! Half a street turning diameter for a 34″ deck is comparable to perhaps a wider turn on a Penny Nickel, but definitely not any typical longboard. Pumping still hasn’t quite happened, but once up to some speed its definitely there.

This thing can make stupid-quick and tight turns on a dime and thanks to 65mm contact patch and 78A softness, Avila’s will blow up or melt before sliding, thus making this setup incredible for city slicking and general urban skating. 75mm wheel size takes care of 95% of all the road cracks, rocks, and twigs. Awesome! And last but not least, 9.5″ deck width at each end leave plenty of space for feet.

Though it sits a bit higher from my last configuration, Indeesz help balance that out a bit and avoid potentially nasty wheel bite.

All in all, incredible custom deck. Only thing I wish it could still do is stand upright like a Freebord, but that’s a minor little setback compared to its overall feel.


3 thoughts on “Perfection – FreeBombSZ

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