First Impressions – Yongnuo 565 EX for Nikon (YN-565 EX)

Very last piece of gear on my list is now in the house. Retails for ~ $150 and sports excellent features for its price. Usual free diffuser gift from Chinese ebay stores, and essential accessory for these big guns.

Package is simple, but very nice – detailed manual, quick reference card, nice storage pouch and the stand for using this off-camera.



And now some shots with it. These two were at low and high power at I believe f/11 and ISO100, which is a ridiculous number for anything indoor and hand-held.



iTTL mode works perfectly and ev compensation on-the-fly is easy and works great. Manual mode is 1 button away and even easier to work with. Diffuser does real magic.

Shot of a bumblebee at ISO100, f/11 outside.


Slightly edited butterly mid-flight, at f/5.6 and ISO200.


Excellent flash all in all, and more tests to come. Refresh rate is very good too.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Yongnuo 565 EX for Nikon (YN-565 EX)

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