This Made Our Week

So this airheaded Asian girl from Cali (based on her #) forgets her phone after making a purchase and while waiting for security to come pick it up, I say we look through messages since phone didn’t have any security locks on it. Another customer who overhears it kinda agrees since you never know what people might have on their phones.

We proceed, die on the floor laughing seeing the first thread, and decide to send a friendly reply just in case the girl doesn’t realize her phone is missing.


Then she comes back, but after the security guy picks it up to process. She says it was that exact phone. We decide to try calling it but it doesn’t quite go through. Security asks her about last person she texted and what the message was. She nonchalantly repeats it exactly, so security walks with her so she can reclaim it.

We simply die once again. Priceless.


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