Project Free Bomb

So here it is as a 28″ deck, 38″ complete. Rides incredibly smooth, sits at about ankle height, feels pretty solid, very travel-friendly, and can be dollied uphill.

– G|Bomb Standard Drop bracket

– G|Bomb Pump bracket

– Freebord “Mr Blonde” 85cm x 9.5″ deck chopped to 28″ bottom mounted

– Freebord Slashers 80mm 80a wheels

– (Bear 852 181mm Trucks, though any will do)





——————————————————-The Build—————————————————–

My quest to find a good and affordable platform for my G|Bomb brackets is nearing its end, but the first stage was still not nearly as adequate as I had hoped.

This time, I got a Freebord Mr Blonde 85cm (33″) x 9.5″ foot platform. Deck is a solid 7-ply maple symmetrical top-mount with maximum wheelbase. 33″ however, is still way too long for a bomb platform, but makes for a very solid speed board.

So far I drilled the standard truck pattern evenly into it and tested both setups out. Its definitely wide enough and should still have enough of a pumping platform if I chop it down to ~28″. Some people asked me why I went all the way to Freebord for a longboard kind of deck- you can’t beat that construction for $35 clearance on maple decks, especially with good grip and graphics. GBomb’s own decks are QUITE pricey for only 2 more ply, so saving $105 is some good stuff (not to mention absolutely NO need for such a thick plank that’s only 28″ long).



Here it is with G|Bombs-

And top mounted, with an added bonus of being able to dolly it instead of having to carry it up the hills (and I might just miss this fact unless it will end up being the same length post-chop).



So chopped the deck to 28″ and then bottom-mounted on G|Bomb’s. For pumping, overall 38″ is alright-ish, but for pushing on a super-low platform is a pure pleasure. The brackets serve as a nice foot stop/guide and the whole setup does not clip the road board-edge. Quite decent down light hills and with softer wheels formidable on iffy ground. Definitely a contender to Bustin Boards Sportster since I have an option of keeping it 38″ or cutting it down to 36″. All in all, a great replacement/upgrade from my Kracked Skulls M1 and utilization of the G|bomb brackets.




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