Overdue Penny Killer

Got this ages ago from Churchill MFG to see what all the new hype was about- and it was fully justified. Slightly more accommodating than a Penny, slightly lighter, with concave and tiny nose kick to boot this maple-bamboo toothpick is indeed a worthy Penny alternative (not to mention $40-60 cheaper). I wanted to find it a good first real home and a rider back when I was in Japan, but that didn’t quite happen then and there. Now, a worthy owner emerged and I went ahead and set it all up with a custom grip job to boot.


Beauty of these micro-cruisers is the relative difficulty in riding them due to the tiny foot platform, and agility due to tiny wheelbase. Getting a good hang of these opens up the world of bigger boards in a much more confident light, otherwise they’re just awesome little transports that can easily fit anywhere.



2 thoughts on “Overdue Penny Killer

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