Never Summer 2013 Lineup

Have to say I have mixed feelings about this one, but in a good way. Sad to see my favorites gone- Norad last year, Soldier TM 2 years ago; however, the new decks are definitely keeping up with the current times and thus NS is not lagging behind other manufacturers albeit being quite less known out on the streets.

NS2013Clutch is brand new, mild drop through and drop deck and that’s a first of its kind for NS.

Heist and Concept stay the same, though I personally like Norad for its finesse and length over concept (at least they dropped the pintail, right?) its still nice to see a few oldies stay.

Hoogan is new new new with W concave and twin kicks.

Assault remains like it always has.

Deviant replaces Revolt with W concave and twin kicks. Solid update of the shape right there.

Motive. Now this new little guy is the 3-ply replacement for Norad but only in its thickness. Brand new idea, 33″ length. Makes me really want to try this one since I pretty much know what to expect out of a 32″ class decks and the NS 3-ply fiberglass kind of “flex” and finesse.

Tyrant gets mild updates but remains the same.

Status replaced the lingering Soldier DT it seems. More of a freeride platform now with lots of cuts and gimmicks. This should definitely be a worthy adversary for comparable decks out there.

Lastly another new face- Proto SB. Snowboard shape on wheels, and we’ve seen that idea a few times the past year. All the tech sliders out there should really enjoy this one.



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