On the set of Jack Strong (Smokestack Productions)

One thing I didn’t expect to see around Archives on a random Friday was a Polish film crew shooting segments for their upcoming film Jack Strong.

“Based on a true story, this Polish spy thriller recounts the story of a man who risked everything to cooperate with the CIA at the height of the cold war.”

And so, here are some snaps I took by standing this relatively short scene that took them a nice two hours to shoot. People were gawking and walking through every so often, so there was some traffic control to be done.

Much love to fellow longboarders

The spotlights were steaming hot, the screens were real big

And the fuzzy mic was getting some of the leaf whispers in the wind

In fact, the guy in the beige suit was the second protagonist for this whole scene. Our hero in gray would come out of the building, talk to him, shake on it,  light up a cigarette and watch him leave. 

Another scene featured the protagonist getting into a car with some army officer and being driven off.

Else there was one main photographer and videographer with some heavy weaponry. What got me a little was that the photographer was shooting a Canon for stills and videographer a Nikon for, video. A tad odd.

One security/gopher looked pretty local, but I liked the jacket he was swagging

Main hero had to pace and squat between scenes since seriousness of his role and being relatively static the whole time was probably giving him cramps.

Very last scene was a huge long shot and pedestrian and automotive traffic was the most tricky to halt and get the scene done.

All in all, something quite different and neat to bump into around this area out of nowhere. And on the very last note, our protagonist lit and puffed his supposed healthsticks, but put them out as soon as the scenes were cut.


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