Nikon-Patch for D5100 – 3rd Party Battery Check Removed!

As all of us d3100 and d5100 users know, Nikon implemented a genuine battery check in all the firmware updates post-initially released one. The only way around that was to buy a dual battery grip and trick the camera on cold-boot using one genuine battery; however, these grips were made quite clunky and added 1/3 the body fat to our slim snappers making them quite a bit more cumbersome (albeit sometimes easier to hold).

So in the mere past 2 months since I got the D5100, Nikon-Patch updated added the much needed hack to remove such battery check from our beloved snappers and it works!

And so, here’s a quick video proof that my D5100 survived the digital operation and works perfectly fine. To boot, latest patch fixed all of the battery indication levels and the camera even knows not to allow firmware update on low power level even when using 3rd party juice boxes .




And the video proof with my muggy commentary.


3 thoughts on “Nikon-Patch for D5100 – 3rd Party Battery Check Removed!

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