Moving Kinda Weekend

Family finally decided to up and hop over to our new post-remodeled and cleaned abode, so its time for me to pack pack pack! Pics will follow after we chunk most of the small and big stuff over and get the net hooked up there.

Pros: much better little area to go on quick skate sesh’s; food and etc is just as close; home depot about 10 mins on foot; 2 nearby 7-11s; twice as big as our current place; much more hardwood/tile to occasionally abuse with my RC cars indoors; garage for any emergency painting project when weather is sour; cat5 jacks to avoid wirelessness as much as possible.

Cons: a bit farther away from a much more convenient metro station; 7-11s aren’t nearly as close as the one at the current residence; no door to the outside world in the basement, so I’ll be stuck escaping through the main gate or the garage; local bars are a bit farther away, but still within reasonable walking distance (not that I fancy the local prices).


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