Nikkor-H 50mm f/2 Prime

Wanted to look into the legacy glass to feel one for myself (and being on a broke budget doesn’t exactly help getting shiny new things). This one ran me a whopping $35 shipped on ebay and here are some test shots:

Aluminum beast itself with an extension mount for macro kinda stuff (quite bad using 50mm and such though)

NikkorH50mm (1)

And the test snaps (most were shot wide open, at ISO 100-200)

50mmTest (1)

50mmTest (7)

50mmTest (5)

50mmTest (2)

50mmTest (6)

And one awkward one with that macro adapter monstrocity

50mmTest (8)

It didn’t take me that long to adjust to having manual aperture control and lack of auto indexing, and bless the power of instant gratification of a digital camera to test and readjust on the fly.

All in all, for a whole $35 this is definitely a steal. Build is full metal, focusing ring is silky smooth and not loose at all, and having f/2 instead of 4.5 at 50mm is a real delight.


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