FF IDWIDW Thai Instant Noodles & Recycling

Some of the best instants you can get in the States? Perhaps. Very useful utensil after consumption? Definitely. So, lets look at how and why exactly. First and foremost, the noodles themselves in all of their uncooked and cooked glory:





Delicious, very delicious… but the real highlight is the bowl they come with. Its made tough unlike those crummy styrofoam noodle cups, and the lid fits snug over the top of the bowl with edge trim securing it in place. Furthermore, both rings on the top and bottom middle help carry this thing around without burning off your fingers. Little forkie is a cute extra, although not very essential.

If you didn’t guess already, this bowl is perfect for reusing with some cheaper noodle packs that assume you having a dish to prepare them in- which now, could be this convenient and personal little bowl. Not to mention packing it with a generic packet of noodles inside when going on a trip somewhere.

Blogging about my fast fooding in Japan reminded me how much I wish I had one of these when the going got tough and I simply couldn’t find anything like it over there to use with the cheaper, but oh so delicious packets like this one-


Never again do I want to resort to using instant yakisoba foam squarical to cook other things. Ever.


2 thoughts on “FF IDWIDW Thai Instant Noodles & Recycling

    • Nice! Its really more about re-using the bowl than anything else for this one. And I’m still a bit surprised I didn’t see any plastic bowl ramen in Japan (or at least convenience stores around Ueno and Taito-ku) when I visited.

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