Real Conveyor-Belt Sushi [The Filler Series]

So never mind the usually shitty and overpriced places like this in the DC area. Never mind some decent, but still hardly free ones in NY. Never mind them even in Tokyo. Once you go out of the city, things like food flip completely around in quality and affordable quantity. Lets look at this (whatever the hell it was called) place in Hitachinaka.


The only price stapled to their WHOLE selection of sushi and sashimi… yep, just 105Y. Yep, just $1.10 if that. That goes for common plates floating around AND anything you’d special order as well. None of that plate colors dictating prices bullshit. One plate = 1$. Stack em high!




So, special ordering- totally awesome procedure. You go through the menu on a little touch screen hanging at your booth. Once you pick what you want, you place the order and it tells you when your booth’s labeled plates are about to pass. Wild.




And the gluttony resumes like no tomorrow.


This was definitely a treat after beating my tonsillitis’ first stage boss like no other. And just as a total kicker of a reminder- tipping in restaurants or even delivery boys is considered rude, so there’s none of that. All food industry employees are paid proper hourly wages and take at least some pride in their work unlike back here in the States.


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