Itoen Tomato Juice – Simply The Best [The Filler Series]

As the name states, and inspired by our crappy tomato juice here state-side, I’ll write some filler episodes to my past trip for things I was too lazy to blog then/forgot/whatever.

So, one night on my stroll to Shibuya along roppongi-dori route, I stumbled upon yet another 100Y vending machine with a true, buried treasure inside: the Itoen brand tomato juice.




This, ladies and gents, is the sweet mother of all canned/bottled tomato juices I’ve tried to date! The silky smooth, watery consistency; the freshly squeezed sour-ish taste; not a bloody half a can of salt- its all there! And for what, only ~$1? Needless to say, I’ve plowed through this route some day JUST get me some of this godly drink.

My other encounter with Itoen Tm.J. was in Chiba where a bigger pet bottle was on sale. This tasted just as godly. I’ve also tried Kagome and it simply didn’t have that same fresh edge that Itoen had.


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