Chiba City [The Filler Series]

No idea why i didn’t post more snaps from Chiba city itself, but I did spend quite a few days rolling through. I remember seeing the monorail tracks the first day out and marveling at that thing, until I went ahead for a ride later on.


Sitting down for a smoke and starting at these puzzled me until I finally caught glimpse of the tiny train which appeared like a unicorn galloping across a rainbow at the time. No bullshit.


Chiba city itself was like a tiny, cozy snippet of Tokyo which felt nicely familiar and and the same time much more peaceful to me.








Home to some nice hobby shops as well, which I scaled in my endless search for Kyosho Mini-Z with some fruitful discoveries. Also bumped into a Games Workshop store, of all the places, around here and that brought back some major memories.


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