Time That Stole Itself, From Me

For the past, perhaps 3 years, I’ve been noticing more and more that my sense of an outsider lies far beyond some cultural concepts or tastes or hobbies- it lies within time itself.

People within 5-10 year gap above AND below are the only ones I actually manage to get along well with save some dear, dear outliers to that rule. Really doesn’t make much sense, right? For most people its usually a lag one way, typically that they enjoy a more mature, older crowd. For me though, it somehow swings both ways. Older timers offer that aged feel and tastes that my own generation might never even develop, and select youngins offer that fresh, free outlook on life that once again, my own generation has already forgotten.

On average, I end up not fitting in with anyone around here and its quite a defeating kinda feeling. To boot, everyone is usually happy living in their own bubbles thus last thing in the world that they’d bother trying is fitting me inside of theirs. Nor would I want to fit in that way.


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