Judging Books by Their Covers

Always a double-edge sword, as I always put it, and my point will be how to make sure that you’re the one cutting rather than getting cut.

Impressions are everything due to the general culture that most of our societies developed, but they could well be used to your own advantage. Quite similar to hunting, you have to know the rough environment you’re about to make your hunting grounds and thoroughly familiarize yourself with its inhabitants, their customs, their views on outside influences including wherever in those you fall under.

Next comes either blending in and acting just like they would… no, that’s not exactly making an impression. That would be laying down and playing dead. Go in guns blazing enough to get everyone’s attention, but without disrupting their environment to earn some instant infamy. Become a black sheep sloppily wearing wolf’s clothing.

Now pick your prey and go in for the kill- starting a casual conversation. If this environment or group has anyone who could be pin-pointed as a leader, start with them. Now speak on their terms, in their language. That alone will completely blow their mind since they’ll see that despite being a black one, you’re still a sheep just like they are. Past that, its your proficiency with the sword of conversation as to how well you fare in the hunt.


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