This Nation’s Capital, Mentality.

This goes predominantly based on my own encounters and statistics across roughly 12 years in this area, and applies mostly to this area’s native population and perhaps selects few migrants who settled in and feel right at home here. DC, MD, VA or the DMV area.

Egocentricity: most people here, when it comes to their deep-down level of feelings, ultimately only really care about themselves. They don’t much care to better their mentality nor intake outside opinions since their inner sanctum is always perfect.

High school cliques for life: the small circle of friends that hasn’t expanded much since high school or perhaps college is the only friends people here ever need. They may not even care about majority of that circle, but they choose to default to these people anyway not to be alone. If their posse bothers them, they will resort to gossip, but continue the relations.

Narrow, hive mind: go to school, go to more school, start a generic career, find a wife, make some kids, and throw away their potential life-living for good. Quite a few societies operate just like this, and this particular tri-state area highlights this path especially. Once the natives find their supposed comfort path, they’ll seldom try to veer anywhere off of it.

So at the end of the day, I hope that most of such people die in a fire or at least eat a nice, big dick.


3 thoughts on “This Nation’s Capital, Mentality.

  1. “I hope that most of such people die in a fire or at least eat a nice, big dick.”
    I hop they are eating big dicks at the table next to the folks I’ve been wishin’ ill on for years…same clique pretty much. Though I wanna round em’ up and throw a party and wooooops…..accidentally fucking drop a bomb on them and wipe out their genetic pool in one shot (of course their family has to join the party too.

    • Do keep in mind that its from my perspective. They’re all fine kinda people amongst themselves, its just I no longer enjoy stupid small talk to see who’s making more money and who has a bigger house.

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