West vs East Societies.

After some thinking, I’ve come to yet another realization as to why I dislike the western society that’s predominantly guided and driven by religious principals. This structure supports both the able and unable members in hopes that everyone will pull through one way or another as long as they have moral support to guide them through their crises of life.

Senses of morals are too, heavily influenced by the presence of religion, hope, and faith rather than the individuals’ own logic and reasoning on that subconscious level of mind that is shaped by the person’s environment from birth to maybe early 20s.

So whenever a less successful individual faces a major crisis in life, the society automatically lends some moral support to help that individual pull through and stay sane afterwards. This helps keep up the numbers, but does not solve the problem of ability. Some weaker members of these societies forever remain less able, but continue to live and waste supplies since they are always aided in some way and encouraged to continue living.

In the eastern world, besides a generally more dense populations, plenty of the societies are guided solely by laws rather than any kind of religious moral support. The results? A modern version of survival of the fittest.

Weaker links lose their sanity more often and as soon as that impedes on the society’s stable flaw, such links are weeded out due to breaking certain laws. The stronger and capable members shape and sharpen their logic and reasoning and continue to gain momentum and success as long as they do not interfere with the society. They also lack much of the subconscious collective moral and comfort of automatic aid, so they tend to stay on their toes much more than the westerners.

I feel that the ability to function within a society, but being strong enough not to have to rely on superficial support creates a perfectly clear state of mind, completely unbiased and governed by sheer logic and reasoning. Thus, west tends to generate a sharper hive mind and east progresses certain individuals to extremely high levels.


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