Somewhere In This World…

I know that I have comrades who are waiting to find me. People who are bored or tired of the routines they see day in and out and perhaps begin to wonder if there’s a true light of hope waiting for them somewhere out there.

I stand outside in the bitter cold. I watch the clear sky with some stars through the smoke that rises from my cigarette. Repeating feeling washes over me just as the chill breeze over my face- I am alone, right now, where I stand. I’ve seen all sorts of people here and hardly met anyone I could truly connect with. Time goes by. My vision become more and more monochrome by the day. Smoke continues to rise until it leaves this sad place and disappears from my sight, and I clench onto my hope.

A simple hope that somewhere, someone is hoping for the same thing as me. And this little hope allows me to remain here until my shackles are taken off and I too, just like the smoke, can float away in search of a place where I am welcome and needed to fulfill the same exact hope.


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