Sniper Zoom – Nikkor 55-200mm VR Lens

Got a pretty solid deal on one of these via craigslist- only $90 with the ability to see it for myself prior to buying it. Seller was a very cool guy, so this thing was in as good of a shape as when he got it himself.


Came with the back cover, Canon-style front cap I swapped for a spare Nikon-style I had, and the stock reversible lens hood.  Best part- it’s still a 52mm lens and I can share all the caps and filters between this guy and my stock 18-55. Not as good for zoom itself, but for a budget beginner its awesome.

It didn’t take me long to start snapping some test shots and they go as follows:

This was our local theater’s sign taken from ~400 feet, at night. I believe I cranked ISO to 1600 to be able to shoot at at least 1/40 shutter speed to avoid blur. VR was indispensable for these long range shots.


Other shots were just random local ones to test both the zoom and the overall glass quality.





And as they say, save best for last-



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